When you achieve something in one area you automatically start wondering whether you should try yourself in another. And that’s what happened with me. I’ve been interested in the subject of youth for a long time: first, in connection with sport; and then I became interested in youth policy as a whole – both in Russia and internationally.
Sport filled my whole life for many long years. It was my work, my joy, my hobby, my family, my friends, all my emotions and feelings, the air that I breathed and the element in which I lived.

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to welcome everybody who wants to know who I am and what I do; everybody who believes that changes can happen for all people; everybody who is curious and not indifferent!

Find a guide to the rooms of my virtual home at the bottom of this page. Every room contains my thoughts, my doubts, and my biggest joys and concerns. And you are welcome to leave your comments.

I’m sure we will be good friends. I’ll try to answer all of your questions and give thought to every interesting idea.


On 27th March 2013 the Federation Council unanimously approved amendments proposed by Alina Kabaeva to Russia’s media law and Administrative Code.
On 22nd March 2013 the RF State Duma passed in all three readings a bill proposed by people’s deputy Alina Kabaeva, amending Russia’s media law and Administrative Code.
People’s Deputy Alina Kabaeva today submitted to the State Duma for its first reading a bill banning the media and internet companies from spreading information about victims of child abuse.  

Alina Takes Part in 6th International Peace and Sport Forum in Sochi, 31st October – 2nd November 2012
Parliamentary lessons are held every year in the Republic of Tatarstan. This year, they coincided with the 20th anniversary of Tatarstan’s constitution and were all about the constitutional rights and duties of people and citizens.

It takes quite an effort to list all the titles held by this celebrated sportswoman, but here we go: winner of the 28th Olympic Games Athens, 2004; bronze medal winner at the 27th Olympic Games in Sydney, 2000; twice all-round world champion (1999 and 2003); five times all-round European champion (1998-2000, 2002, 2004); six times all-round Russian champion (1999-2001, 2004, 2006-2007).
During the rhythmic gymnastics tournament in Samara, every minute of Alina Kabaeva’s schedule was mapped out: watching the competition, discussing the tournament’s future, touring the Gratsiya sports centre, handing out autographs etc…Yet she still found time to give an interview to “VK”.
Alina Kabaeva is a brand name. Behind it is a young woman and a dynamic public figure. I first met her when I was a participant in the Young Journalists’ School project, which was founded on her initiative and has been run for the past two years as an exclusive project of the Alina Kabaeva Charity Foundation. It’s a school about ethics, about expanding horizons and breaking down stereotypes for young journalists.
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma’s Youth Affairs Committee Alina Kabaeva in an interview with ER.RU.
And this is my own personal corner. This is where all the entries about me will be, so you can find out about my life in my own words. I’ll tell you about important events and about my family, and share my impressions of films, concerts, books, animals…of everything that I care about, everything that surprises or moves me.

I’m no hypocrite, but I don’t like it when my life is exposed to view like goods in a shop window. I’m convinced that everyone needs their own private space, something they can call their own. So here’s my “Private Life” – a space that’s mine and mine alone.

I hope you’ll understand.

Public Council is essential to ensure that fine plans become more than just words.

On February 15, 2008 I was elected Chairman of the Council - a great honour and responsibility for me.

I want to invite everyone to take part in this excellent project, so that it really is a truly "public" council.

My charity foundation has already existed for several years. At first it focused mainly on sport, but then I realized I couldn’t restrict myself to just one area of activity. So today the foundation is active in several fields.

Each of the foundation’s projects and specific activity is a matter of prime importance for me. In this section I will write about what the foundation does, which projects it is running today and what we have managed to achieve.